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MyAviva Account

Why do I need a MyAviva account?

Having a MyAviva is free and allows you to access your car and home insurance policy documentation 24/7, this includes your cert & disc for your policy.

You can also make amendments to your policy which includes adding new drivers or transferring your insurance to another car.

If you contact our call centre to make amendments, you may incur a €25 administration fee.

How do I login to MyAviva account?

You can log into your MyAviva account through here.

All you need is your email address and password to access your account.

How do I register for a MyAviva account?

You can register for a MyAviva account by clicking here.

It will request you to input your email address then follow the screens to set up your account. You will need your policy number to add to your account later on when registering.

To find your policy number, look on the left-hand side of your car insurance policy schedule.

What do I do if I am having issues with My Aviva Account?

If you are having difficulties accessing your MyAviva account please contact us on 1800 332 211 and we can help.

Policy Changes

How do I make changes to my car insurance policy?

You can make changes to your car insurance policy through MyAviva. These changes include:

  • Transferring your insurance to another car
  • Renewing your existing car policy
  • Adding and removing drivers

You can also contact our Customer Service Team by phone to make any changes. Call 1800 335 577 between 9am and 6pm, Monday to Friday. Please note certain requests will incur a €25 administration fee if you contact us via the Customer Service Team.

How do I add a driver to my car insurance policy?

You can add a driver temporarily or permanently using MyAviva. You will need your email address and your policy number to register; your policy number is located on the left hand side of your policy document. Once logged in follow the steps.

How do I change address on my car insurance policy?

This is currently unavailable on your MyAviva portal.

You will need to contact us on 1800 332 211 and we can make the necessary amendments you require.

How do I change the car on my car insurance policy?

You amend your car insurance to another car via your MyAviva portal.

Once you are logged into your MyAviva account, there is an option beside your policy number named "Access and edit policy"

Once you click on this option you should see an option for transferring your car insurance permanently or temporarily.

Follow the screens to amend your car insurance policy.

How do I update my contact details on my car insurance policy?

You can update your email address via the MyAviva portal.

Please note updating your email address will only be used for correspondence you receive from Aviva. Your email address set up wth your MyAviva account will remain the same.

For any other updates please contact us on 1800 332 211.

How do I change my payment details on my car insurance policy?

Please call us on 1800 335 577 if you'd like to change your payment details. We're available between 9am and 6pm Mon-Fri.

How do I cancel my car insurance policy?

If you decide to cancel your policy after the 14 day period, we will work out the premium for the period for which we have insured you and refund any balance. We will not refund any premium if you have made a claim or if one has been made against you during the current period of insurance. If you pay your premium by monthly instalments (direct debits) and you have made a claim, or one has been made against you, the balance of the annual premium will become payable to Aviva Insurance Ireland DAC upon cancellation. Please refer to our policy booklet for more details.

Green Card

Do I need a Green Card?

A Green Card is an internationally recognised insurance document which provides proof of insurance to law enforcement agencies, which you may need when driving your car outside the EU or some other European countries.

Russia, Turkey, Albania, and Ukraine are just some examples of where you may need to carry a Green Card. If you need one, all you need to do is ask us for one. It's free – but please get in touch with us at least one week before your journey.

A green card is not required by Irish motorists travelling across the border into Northern Ireland, once they have a valid Irish insurance disc. The insurance disc will serve as proof of insurance to the legal authorities in the UK, including Northern Ireland.


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