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Frequently Asked Questions

Making a claim

How do I make a car insurance claim?

The first step is to provide your insurer, Aviva Insurance, with some personal details – like your name and policy number. You'll then be able to tell them what happened in your own words, as well as what damage your vehicle suffered. It'll be helpful to give them details of anyone else involved – other drivers, passengers in any cars involved, or witnesses.

Aviva will assign a personal claims handler will then get things moving. And they will always let you know what happens next. To start your claim, please call the 24-hour helpline on 1800 147 147.

Alternatively, read more about making a car insurance claim.

Is a courtesy car included on my policy?

In the event of loss of or damage to your car, which results in a claim under your policy, you get a courtesy car for the duration of the repairs, up to a total of 7 days. In the event your car is a write off you get a courtesy car for up to 10 days.

What information do I need to provide when calling to make a claim?

  • They will ask you some personal details such as your name and policy number, if you have it to hand.
  • They will then talk through what’s happened and what damage there is to your car.
  • They will need details of anyone else who has been involved – witnesses or passengers in any cars involved as well as details of any other cars and their drivers.
  • They will then get your claim moving and let you know what will happen next.

What is not insured by my car insurance policy?

Depending on your level of cover, there may be some things you’re unable to claim for. This can include things such as non-standard modifications to your car that your insurer haven't agreed to cover.

To find out what's covered and not covered under your policy please refer to your policy schedule, certificate of insurance and policy booklet as they set out the cover provided under your car insurance policy.

How quickly will I get paid?

Every claim is individual with it's own set of circumstances so it's difficult to give a timeline. What Aviva can say is, where your car is repaired using Aviva Motor Services or Aviva's windscreen suppliers you don't have to worry about been paid as Aviva pays those suppliers directly. 

No Claims Discount (claims related)

Why is my claim impacting my No Claims Discount/Renewal price when the accident was not my fault?

If Aviva have paid for the damage to your car, your No Claims Discount will be impacted until Aviva actually get the money they paid under your claim, back from the other insurer. Once the recovery is made, your No Claims Discount will be reset and your premium adjusted.

Will a small claim count as a claim on my No Claims Discount?

Accidental or vandalism claims, regardless of the amount will count as a claim against your No Claims Discount.

Can I repay Aviva if I want to reinstate my No Claims Discount?

Yes, you can repay Aviva at a later stage if you wish and they will re instate your No Claims Discount.

Accident claim

What should I do when I’ve been in an accident?

  • You should notify the Gardaí immediately
  • Note the insurance details of the Third Party involved
  • Note the names, addresses and telephone numbers of any independent witnesses
  • If safe to do so take some photos
  • Do not admit liability

Contact Aviva's 24 hour claim helpline on 1800 147 147.

How will I know who’s at fault?

Your Personal Claims Handler will ask you to describe what happened in order to give you an initial view as to who responsibility lies with.

What excess will I need to pay and when?

It is stated on your policy schedule. Some claim types require you to pay an excess and some do not.  Please see the table below for when an excess is payable.

Claim type Excess payable
Accidental damage to your car  
Vandalism damage to your car  
Vehicle, property damage and injury claims made against you  
Windscreen damage (except sunroof)  
Fire damage to your car  
Theft or attempted theft to your car  

Will you waive the excess if the accident is not my fault?

The policy excess will always apply if you claim for damage to your own car with Aviva. When Aviva request it claims cost from the third party insurer Aviva will also request your excess and they normally reimburse this to Aviva which we then forward to you.

Can I claim under my policy if I am injured in an accident?

If you are injured in an accident and have paid for JourneyWise accident cover you can claim for injuries within the limits of that optional extra cover.

Can I claim for my injuries under the other driver’s policy?

Yes, if the other driver was at fault, Aviva can put you in touch with a Specialist who can claim compensation from the other party on your behalf, this is covered as standard under your policy.

Motor legal expenses: 0818 253 065
Legal expenses is provided by ARAG Legal Protection Limited.
ARAG Legal Protection Limited is authorised and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

Is Wear & tear or Mechanical damage covered?

No these are not covered under your insurance policy, they may however be covered under your warranty if you have one with a garage.

Windscreen/Glass Claims

Can I claim for window and windscreen damage?

You're covered for damage to any windscreen or window (not including the sunroof or panoramic roof) if:

  • You have a Comprehensive car insurance policy
  • You use Aviva's windscreen partners for your repairs
  • Do you hold a Third Party, Fire and Theft policy? If so, you can get glass cover as an optional extra. But please check your policy schedule for full details.

If you chose to use your own repairer you need to inform Aviva's claims team on 1800 147 147 as there are limits on how much Aviva will pay.

Do I have to use the Aviva's aligned windscreen repairers?

No you do not. However, you need to be aware that there are restrictions to the amount that Aviva will pay if you choose to use someone other than Aviva's Windscreen Partners. Please contact Aviva's claims team on 1800 147 147 to discuss your cover.

If you are happy to use Aviva's Windscreen Partners, call either Mr. Windscreen (0818 512 345) or Autoglass (01 409 0900).

Will I lose my No-claims Discount (NCD) if I claim for my replacement windscreen?

No, any claim that is only for windscreens or windows (or scratches to paintwork from a broken glass) will not affect your NCD.

What will happen if more than one window is broken in one incident?

Your policy does not limit the number of panes of glass you can claim for if more than one is damaged in one incident. However if the costs exceeds the value of the car Aviva may choose to treat the car as a total loss.


What happens if my car needs repairing?

Depending on your cover, Aviva organise repairs to get you back on the road using Aviva Motor Services, the easiest and fastest way to get your car repaired. If your car can't be fixed Aviva will work with you to settle the claim.

Is there a list of Aviva Motor Services Garages?

Yes, wherever you are in Ireland, you’re never far from an Aviva Motor Services garage.

What should I do if I am not happy about the repairs to my car?

All of our Aviva Motor Services garages carry out repairs to the highest standards. However if you are unhappy with any aspect of the repairs please let the Aviva Motor Services garage know as soon as possible so they can make it right. If they cannot resolve the issue please let Aviva know immediately.

Will the repairs affect my warranty?

You will need to check this with your car manufacturer but remember Aviva's Approved Repairers will offer a Lifetime guarantee on all repair work (whilst the vehicle remains owned by you) 

Lost or stolen keys

Can I claim for lost or stolen keys?

Aviva can pay for the cost of replacing:

  • Door or boot locks
  • Ignition steering locks
  • Lock transmitters and central-locking interfaces

But, for Aviva to do so, you'll have to prove that whoever may have your keys or transmitter is also likely to know where your car is parked. If you do claim for lost or stolen keys, Aviva won't take off the excess and it won't affect your No Claims Discount.

Write Off/Total Loss queries

What does the New Car replacement benefit on my policy mean?

In some cases where your car is less than 1 year old Aviva will offer to replace your vehicle with a new vehicle of the same make, model and specification, if one is available. If you do not want to accept the replacement car or one is not available, you will be offered the Pre Accident Value of your car. Aviva will take ownership of your car and arrange for it to be sold.

What is my car worth?

If your car is a total loss Aviva will look at other cars currently for sale of a similar make and model to establish what the market value of the car is. Aviva also have access to valuation guides. Aviva will talk to you about your mileage and the condition of the vehicle as well as asking for information about any extras that you had fitted to the car to make sure Aviva get as close as we can to the correct value of your vehicle.

Can I reclaim the tax?

Only if your car is deemed an End of Life Vehicle (ELV). If deemed Beyond Economic Repair (BER) the engineer will include this in their valuation.

What happens if I disagree with the valuation?

Aviva like to think that we get our valuations right first time; however Aviva recognise that our valuation won’t always meet our customer’s expectations. Aviva would always recommend that you look first at something like Autotrader/Carzone or a main dealer website to see what cars of a similar make and model are selling for. You will either find that we are offering a fair amount, or you will find you have the evidence to send Aviva to challenge our calculations.

Can I keep my car if it is a write off/total loss?

You can keep the car if you want to. However that will reduce the amount of the settlement by an amount equivalent to what the salvage/damaged car is worth.

Beyond Economical Repair (BER) vehicles can be put back on the road but require a certificate of roadworthiness as explained below. End of Life Vehicles have to be disposed of. As last owner of this vehicle you are obliged under EU Directive 2000/53/EC to have the vehicle scrapped at a registered Authorised Treatment Facility. Aviva will supply details of a registered ATF so that you can easily arrange to have your vehicle scrapped.

Should you decide to repair the BER vehicle (at your own additional expense) and put it back on the road, you will require a certificate of roadworthiness. This certificate must be obtained from an independent engineer or garage at your own expense. If this certificate is not obtained, Aviva will not be in a position to put this vehicle back on cover. Any further queries in relation to this please refer to our Customer Services Team on 1800 333 322 or your Broker if you have one.

Will you cancel my policy if my car is a Total Loss?

No, Aviva won’t do anything with your policy until you tell us to. Most customers simply call our Customer Services Team on 1800 333 322 when they buy a new car and substitute the new car for the old car on their existing policy. All cars are rated differently, sometimes there may be an additional premium but there may also be a refund.

Driving other cars cover does not apply when the car insured on the policy is damaged beyond economic repair.

If you do not intend replacing the car, call our Customer Services Team on 1800 333 322 and they can talk to you about what is involved in cancelling the policy.

Theft claim queries

Am I covered for personal belongings?

You're covered up to the value of €150 for loss or damage to your personal belongings in any one single event – fire, accident or theft. Any payments made for personal belongings won't affect your No Claims Discount.


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