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At Aviva, we know things don’t always go to plan… that’s why we’re committed to giving you the best support and assistance when it matters most. Take a look at some of our customer stories and how Aviva helped them figure out what steps to take next.

Barry's customer testimonial

Barry just bought his dream car when only two days later, disaster struck. Still in shock, he contacted Aviva, where we worked to put his mind at ease and get his beloved car back on the road. Watch Barry’s story below.

*Barry received a gratuity payment for participating in this video

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00:00:08 Barry’s story

00:00:08 Barry speaks to camera

We’d always had a seven-seater car, and it had come to a point where we wanted to have a nice, comfortable car to drive around in. And my dream car was always a Mercedes E-Class.

00:00:13 Camera pans Barry’s car outside his home

That car was the one that was perfect for us. To know that it was a hybrid was even better.

00:00:18 Barry leaves his home and gets into his car

I really always loved that if I was going to get one, I was definitely going to get it in shotgun grey. It took us about six months to find it, and when we did I couldn’t believe that we actually got that particular model. We bought the car, and I picked it up on the Friday, put a bow on it and brought it around to the house to show my wife.

00:00:36 Barry puts on his seatbelt and starts the engine.

We only had the car two days, when we were crashed into.  It was in the evening time, we had just gotten the kids to bed and we headed out to pick up a birthday present for our son. There wasn’t too much traffic on the road – all of a sudden we got a bang, into the back of us.

00:00:51 Barry speaks to camera

With the force he hit us with, it shot us forward and because we were sitting at traffic lights, you don’t expect an impact. So it was the shock and the emotion and the fear of not knowing exactly what had happened. To wait all that time to find your dream car to then two days later be in an accident… it was heart-breaking. Thinking back to my wife in hospital she couldn’t believe what was after happening to us and we just had to be thankful that we were okay, don’t worry about the car.

00:01:26 Close up of Barry’s Aviva policy documentation on the fridge

I contacted Aviva, and the girl in customer support was absolutely brilliant. The initial fear of contacting your insurance company is always there. But she was so great, she talked me through everything, what was going to happen next and was in constant contact with me.

00:01:43 Barry is on the phone at Greystones harbour.

So there wasn’t ever a point where I felt unaware of what was going to happen next and that gave me a lot of comfort at a time where I was very stressed and worried.

00:01:54 Barry stands beside his car

The car is perfect, it looks and drives great and I’m really happy with the work that Aviva and their garages did on our car.

00:02:00 Barry speaks to camera

Since being in the accident and my experience with Aviva, it’s completely changed my thoughts on insurance companies. It was so easy to deal with them.

The best part for me, in dealing with Aviva was their customer service. I felt at ease, I felt supported.

I’d recommend them because they’re reliable, they do a great job and they really care about their customers.

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