Happy Father’s Day

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In celebration of Father’s Day, Devin Toner, Iain Henderson and Peter O’Mahony told us what it means to them to be a dad.

Do you reckon their dad jokes are as good as your dad’s?

Judge for yourself!

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00:00:00 Music playing in the background throughout the video

00:00:00 Question on screen
A Q&A with rugby dads

00:00:04 On screen – Devin Toner

00:00:06 On screen – Iain Henderson

00:00:07 On screen – Peter O’Mahony

00:00:10 Question on screen
What does it mean to be a dad?

00:00:11 Devin Toner
Meaningful question here now. I don’t know, I wouldn’t have of thought about when I was quote young, but then once it happens to you it’s the most special time in your life, I think.

00:00:20 Iain Henderson
It’s great, obviously you enjoy a bit of pressure, a bit of stress at times but on the whole it’s an unbelievable experience.

00:00:28 Peter O’Mahony
It certainly as I said put things into perspective. You know, how important they are and to look after and provide for them puts most other things a long way down the list.

00:00:38 Question on screen
What do you want for Father’s Day?

00:00:39 Devin Toner
Yeah, a nice bit of peace and quiet, and a night on the couch with a bottle of beer or something would be nice.

00:00:43 Peter O’Mahony
I suppose Dev said a good one, a bit of a lie-in would be ideal.

00:00:47 Question on screen
How do you celebrate Father’ Day in your house?

00:00:49 Devin Toner
Spend the day doing something nice, I think. Maybe just going to the park and just kind of spending time together as well, so yeah, I think it is a nice celebration, Father’s Day, yeah.

00:00:58 Iain Henderson
Getting out and about. We’ve two dogs as well. Love going out with the dogs, playing in the garden, going to parks. Anything that involves good outdoor family time I suppose.

00:01:08 Question on screen
What are the most random things you find in your car because of your kids?

00:01:11 Devin Toner
Ah well, at the minute now it’s just food all over the place so it’s like popcorn and raisins, depends what phase he’s in is what you find in the car.

00:01:18 Iain Henderson
Usually just like stray shoes and socks.

00:01:22 Peter O’Mahony
Indie collects fluff and blue tac for some reason, so.

00:01:27 Question on screen
Do you know any dad jokes?

00:01:29 Devin Toner
Best dad joke? Ehm. I should have loads of them.

Someone was in for a job interview and they start filling their glass full of water and they over fill it and it spills all over the floor and the interviewer goes, ‘Aw sorry, are you nervous?’ and he’s like, ‘No, no, I always give 110%’

00:01:53 All three
Happy Father’s Day

00:01:58 Finish.

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