Road Trip Diaries Day 3: Cork City Adventure

After a restful night’s sleep in the Woodlands Hotel in Waterford, the Murphy’s kicked off day three of their Aviva Road Trip adventure by heading out to Cork City. But not before filling up on a delicious breakfast in the Woodland Hotel.

On the Road to Cork City

The Murphy family enjoyed a comfortable drive to Cork in their Citroën. The highlight of the journey for the boys was driving through Cork’s buzzing city centre.

Day 3 of the Great Aviva Road Trip

First stop: Cork City Goal

Day 3 of the Great Aviva Road Trip

The Murphy’s had their first stop in Cork in its famous Cork City Goal. Stepping back in time to discover the rich history inside the prison walls. The boys were very taken by the life-size statues of the different characters dressed in traditional clothing of the 19th and 20th Centuries.

Day 3 of the Great Aviva Road Trip

The Murphy’s got to wander around the historic prison walls and enjoy the interactive audio tour. The boys were captivated by each of the stories while exploring the old cells.

Mum and Dad particularly enjoyed seeing the radio exhibition, where they got to see how old radios and broadcasting started out. The exhibition even featured a historic microphone last used by John F Kennedy himself on his famous visit to Cork all those years ago.

Day 3 of the Great Aviva Road Trip

The Murphy’s also got to join a guided tour around the prison, where the boys got involved in the experience. Overall, the Murphy’s loved the family-friendly tour, and really got a sense of what time was like back in this victorian-styled prison. The boys even left with some special stickers to remember their time in Cork City Goal.

Day 3 of the Great Aviva Road Trip

Time for Some RnR in The Kingsley Hotel

After all the driving and adventures the Murphy’s headed back to check into the riverside Kingsley Hotel, where they got to unwind and relax ahead of their second day in Cork on the Great Aviva Road Trip. Up next is day four of the Murphy Family’s adventures, Stay tuned to hear more!  

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