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As we come into Spring and start enjoying the lovely ‘stretch in the evenings’ now is the perfect time to let as much of the natural sunlight into your home as possible. The DIY experts at share with us, how you can best maximise the natural light in your home to create brighter space without needing to splash out on costly renovations! Using these tricks and tips can be a real mood-booster, plus it can also help you save on energy costs!

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One of the oldest tricks in the book for creating extra light in your home is the use of mirrors. Hallways in semi-detached or terraced homes can be particularly dark areas but placing a large mirror over a hall table will reflect any light coming in through windows, fanlights or front door glass panes making the space, instantly appear larger and brighter.

Mirrored furniture and porcelain tiling will reflect light rather than absorbing it and increase the appearance of space and brightness inside your home. You can also try a mirrored surface on the back of your shelves, with your decorative items placed in front of it. This will positively affect the sense of light and space in a room.


It’s a good idea to have the rooms in your home situated in relation to what direction they face. East facing rooms receive the most sunlight in the mornings, so it makes sense to have your kitchen or breakfast room here.

West facing rooms will take in the evening sun and sunset beautifully, so living rooms and dining rooms are perfect for these rooms. South facing rooms receive the most sun, and north facing receives the least so keep this in mind when choosing which room goes where in your home.


Using tiebacks for your curtains is a simple but effective way of letting extra natural light into your home. Another hack is to put up curtain poles that are sixteen inches wider than your window. This will keep your curtains back eight inches on both sides of your windows and allow optimum levels of light in.


Using clear glass in your doors rather than coloured glass will really improve the level of light in your home. Just be sure it’s obvious there is glass in your doors, to avoid any potential injuries! This can be achieved with silicone seal around the glass or with scatters of coloured or stained glass.


Use of darker paint colours will make a room appear smaller, which is fine if you are trying to create a cosy atmosphere. If you want to make the most of the natural light in a room however, painting your walls and ceilings light, bright colours will make the room feel much larger and more open.


If your house has a dark hallway, dark landing or a bathroom with very small windows, a sky light or a sun funnel can illuminate them very well. A sun funnel works by burrowing up through the attic space and allowing light to funnel down from the roof to the room below.

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