Our home insurance policy focuses on what matters to you. With Aviva Home Insurance you get a full range of benefits at no extra cost, to keep you protected when you need it most.

The following is only an overview of the features and benefits available to you at Aviva. Please download our HomeCare Policy Document for the complete details on all our benefits. It also sets out the terms and conditions of cover. If you already have Aviva home insurance, then your policy schedule will show your exact cover and any extra benefits or amendments that may apply.

Help in a Home Emergency

Help in a home emergency provides:

  1. Cover for storm or accidental damage to roof, windows and doors.
  2. Cover for the cost of callout, labour and materials for emergency repair (up to €250 per incident or €260 for broken window glass).
  3. Access to a 24-hour comprehensive emergency service.

If you cannot live in your home, we will provide:

  • Overnight accommodation for up to four people (at a place we choose), with transport from your home.
  • Up to 7 days’ furniture storage with transport to and from the storage facility (up to 50km).
  • We can also relay an urgent message to a family member in Ireland or abroad in the event of an emergency.

Reinstating Your Buildings or Contents Cover

If you make any claim under your policy, we’ll automatically continue to insure you for the same amount we provided cover for before the claim.

Legal Expenses

The area of legal matters can be confusing and off-putting. Our ‘legal expenses’ cover gives you a number of useful services to help you with any legal questions you may have.

With this cover you have access to a legal advice helpline, which you can use to get advice on any personal legal matter, no matter how big or small. The helpline advice is absolutely confidential between you and your legal advisor.

Home legal expenses: 1890 253 064
Legal expenses is provided by DAS.
DAS is a member of the Insurance Ireland and the Financial Services Ombudsman Bureau of Ireland.

Fire Brigade Charges

If the Fire Brigade is called in to put out a fire affecting - or likely to affect - your home, we will pay up to €1,500 to cover the charges.

Replacing Door Locks

If the keys to your home are stolen in a personal assault or break-in, we’ll pay up to €400 to cover the cost of replacing:

  • Outside door locks
  • Locks on domestic safes
  • Alarm keys

Frozen Food

We’ll pay up to €650 to cover the cost of replacing frozen food lost or damaged in your domestic freezer. The loss or damage must have been caused by a rise or fall in temperature, refrigerant fumes or refrigerant leaks.

Credit and Debit Cards

If your credit or debit cards are lost or stolen and you have to pay a bill as a result, we’ll refund you up to €650. Were you on holiday? No problem; this cover applies anywhere in Europe. If you’re travelling outside of Europe you’re covered for the first 30 days.

Visitors' Belongings

At Aviva, we do not just cover you and your immediate family, but also visitors. We’ll pay up to €400 for loss of or damage to a guest’s personal belongings, as long as the accident happened while they were in your home.

Title Deeds

We’ll pay up to €1,000 to replace title deeds to your home, as long as they were lost or damaged while in your home or lodged with a bank, building society or solicitor.

Christmas and Weddings

Christmas and weddings should be a wonderful and carefree time. At Aviva we understand that. That’s why we automatically increase your contents cover for free over Christmas or when there’s a wedding in your immediate family.

Your sum insured increases by 10% for the month of December as well as for 30 days before and after the wedding of any immediate family member.

Jury Service

Should you or your partner be called up for jury service, we will pay a benefit of €40 per day or part day up to a total of €650. Claiming for Jury Service Benefit will not affect your no-claims bonus.

Death Benefit

We will pay a death benefit of €3,300 if either you or your partner dies from an injury received in your home caused by a fire, accident or violence related to a theft. If your cat or dog is killed by an insured fire or break-in, we’ll pay up to €260 for the loss of your pet.

Providing Alternative Accommodation

If fire, damage or another insured event means you cannot live in your home for a while, we’ll pay for the cost of other accommodation for you and your family until you can safely return. This includes putting pets in kennels. We’ll pay up to 15% of the buildings and contents sums insured on your policy.

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