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Summer is just around the corner, and with it comes the perfect time to declutter and spruce up your home to embrace those long and beautifully bright days! Your living room sees a lot of action thanks to kids, pets, family gatherings and summer parties. Why not revamp this area by repurposing some of that ‘clutter’ we mentioned earlier? Or use some old furniture you’d almost forgotten about to create a new look and feel for your living room? Take a look at some of these tricks and ideas to renovate our living rooms without breaking the bank!

Let there be light
To make your living room feel that bit brighter, simply shampooing your carpet or centre rug can work wonders. If you have dark brown or black curtain rods, paint or spray paint them a light or metallic colour to brighten them up. Replace dark curtains with lighter shades, or repalce them completely with white blinds or shutters.

The mirror effect
If you don’t have a large living room, or it doesn’t bask in sunlight, use mirrors to create a brighter, better-spaced effect. If you have a large mirror, try to place this adjacent to the window in your living room. Hanging a big mirror behind a cabinet or chest also creates the illusion of more space in your living room.

A second chance
If you still have that china cabinet you inherited years ago and didn’t have the heart to throw out, it’s time to give it a second chance! Sand the entire thing down, buy a bright and bold coloured paint like teal or terracotta, and transform your cabinet into a statement piece. Put the fancy wedding china on display, or some family photos. Guests will immediately be drawn to it as they enter the room. Plus, the guilt from abandoning the cabinet will be alleviated too!

And a third chance!
Look into getting that old and sightly drab footstool reupholstered to give it a second life. Have it match the curtains or the cushions by using the same or similar materials and patterns, or go bold and try something completely new. If you have a sturdy but washed-out armchair lurking somewhere around the house, consider re-vamping that too by shampooing it, reupholstering it or even adding a vibrant cushion to make it a stand-out as a statement piece amongst your matching furniture.

In the spotlight
Do you have any heirlooms or paintings you want to draw attention to? These can become a central feature of your room by installing some simple wall lights - this will really maximise their impact.

Say cheese
Painting, spraypainting or replacing the frames of some of your artwork or family photos can also change the look of your living room more than you’d think. Try and pick up on some of the more subtle colours in the room, maybe one of the colours of the rug or the embroidery of the cushions, and coordinate your frames with this colour.

Rejoin the party
Bring that coffee table that’s been hiding in the attic for years back down and see what can be done to bring it back to life. You can paint it a bright colour like the china cabinet or get creative and use it differently than before. Varnish it and put it in your hall for the post and newspapers, or even use it as an end table in the corner of your living room for flowers and books instead of having it in the centre of the room like before.

New purpose
This one is a bit out there but it works a treat! If replacing any of the wooden (glass-free!) doors in your home, keep one and sand it down roughly and unevenly. Remove the legs of a large, old, unwanted coffee table and attach to the door to create a spacious, rustic, country-style coffee table!

Some extra help
You might be able to reuse that old wooden storage unit by simply removing the doors and some of the inner shelves, painting or varnishing it and relocating it to the living room. Upcycling like this gives you a new, clean space for picture frames, vases and china. It also helps de-clutter other areas such as the mantel piece or windows.

A touch of colour
Re-painting all the walls or just one feature wall will dramatically re-vamp your living room. Have something smaller in mind? A sofa throw is a cheap and easy way to add a pop of colour to your living room. Bright and vibrant cushions, flowers, and lampshades will do the trick too.

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