Savings and Investments

None of us know exactly what life’s got in store for us, but we know that there are a handful of major events that we’re quite likely to encounter at some stage. These include some of the great milestones of life, such as buying a home, getting married and starting a family.

It’s a good idea to start thinking about preparing for the big events as soon as we can. Often this means saving for major expenses that may not yet be in sight... but which we know are awaiting us just over the horizon.

Investing: how does it work?

  • Medium to long-term – investing can help you reach long term goals (typically five years or more) such as your child’s university education or your retirement.
  • Invest via a fund – in a fund, your money is pooled with that of other investors. In turn, the fund could invest in anything from company shares to government bonds or even property.
  • Always involves risk – values can go down as well as up and you may lose some or all of the money you invest. Some people have more of an appetite for life’s risks than others. You might know where you stand on the subject, but many people haven’t fully explored their attitude to risk. Our risk profiler helps you to think about the issues.
  • Potential for a higher return – over the long term there is a chance your money will grow more, but remember you could lose all the money you invest.

Investment Bond

I have a lump sum to invest for my future…

Investment Bond from Aviva

Our single-contribution investment plan that can provide you with capital growth potential over the medium to long term.

Regular Saver

I'm saving monthly for my future…

Regular Saver from Aviva

You can save from €100 a month and access a range of investment funds with access to your money at any time without penalty.

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