10 Easy Ways to Modernise Your Home

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Improving your living space and home design is always worthwhile, and it doesn’t need to upend your life. There are plenty of inexpensive ways to update your home that are easy to start with little experience. Here are our top 10 easy ways you can make your property more comfortable, modern or chic, without knocking walls or covering your furniture in dust! 

1. Change the front door

A new front door can change the whole aesthetic of a house. It will improve insulation, increase curb appeal and – of course – reinforce home security too.

2. Paint!

Painting a room is one of the fastest ways to improve your home and how it feels to you. A fresh coat of paint can change the whole tone of a room and modernise it within a day or two - perfect for a quick weekend project.

3. Let there be light…

Light fixtures are often the first giveaway of a house’s age. Thankfully, replacing them is not too costly or disruptive and – if you choose wisely – the fixtures will make light more subtle and warm in the whole room.

4…or at least lampshades

If changing your lighting is too cumbersome as a DIY project, or if you’d rather something more budget-friendly, you can still update your interior design by simply changing lampshades: Switch to modern steel and glass lanterns, spherical pendants or industrial lamps for a contemporary feel.

5. Introduce modern art

Modern art prints, juxtaposed with more traditional surroundings, can look very striking when done the right way. It doesn’t have to be confrontational or even abstract, but a step away from traditional watercolours is a step in the right direction and adds to your home décor.

6. Hide wires

We know this sounds like a contradiction, but a good way to make your home look sleek and modern is to hide unsightly wires. You can do this by having your cables go through small metal pipes (like a shower rod for instance), or by organising your wires in a box under the TV. It’s the perfect quick and easy home improvement project.

7. Go rustic with interior design

Another potential paradox, bringing a touch of shabby chic can change a home from stuffy and stately to modern and hipster. This can take the form of expertly exposed brick or a substantial, distressed kitchen table. Head to DIY stores for ideas.

8. Brighten it (a little)

Just one DIY project can change the whole tone of a room. Bright and bold (like canary yellow or vibrant orange) combines nicely with more muted colours (like metallic blues). Use bright tones sparingly in your colour scheme to avoid the Willy Wonka effect!

9. Less is more

One trend you’ll notice in design in recent years, from Apple stores to movie stars’ apartments, is minimalist décor. De-cluttering is not just good for the soul, but – combined with using one colour consistently – can help bring a chic, futuristic look to the oldest of homes.

10. Stick with solid colours

Whether it’s furniture, wallpaper, curtains or something you hang on your wall, solid colours are the way to a modern home. Patterns, from paisley to spots and stripes, can be beautiful, of course. But they’re also the easiest way to make your home look too busy or dated. Simple, well-chosen, complementary colours are the key to achieving modern DIY home décor.

Remember when undertaking any DIY projects you should exercise caution especially when dealing with electricity and plumbing.  When in doubt speak to a professional and don’t take any risks.

Looking for more home improvement ideas? Check out our list of projects that can help to add value to your home here.

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