Escaping holiday fever

Escape holiday fever

Cold and flu season is on its way, but that doesn’t mean that you, or your family have to become ill. We seem to spend so much time nursing a sore throat or suffering with a fever or runny nose at this time of year. But these top immune-boosting tips will help you stay well this winter:


Regular activity is extremely important, especially during the winter months. We know you might be a little more inclined to sit in by the fire during the colder weather, but getting outdoors and exercising could help ward off nasty illnesses. Why not get your family out for a stroll this weekend? Head to the coast, a nearby park or even try a mountain hike. If you would prefer to stay indoors you could try an at home fitness DVD or a fun gym class instead.

Get enough sleep

Have you ever caught a cold or flu, or found yourself fending off a sore throat after a week of broken sleep (or ahem, late nights)? That’s because lack of sleep can make our bodies more prone to picking up an infection. To keep your defences up, make sure you and your family get enough sleep each night. It’s not about sleeping for longer than usual. It’s about making sure you get the right amount of sleep for your body to function as normal. Try to stop looking at your phone an hour before bed each night and see the difference it makes.

Keep your hands clean

The most common winter infections are airborne. But, when someone sneezes or coughs, germs can also land on surfaces. We often touch surfaces without knowing that they’re contaminated. And we can then infect our bodies by touching our eyes, mouth or even nose. Wash your hands regularly and try to avoid touching your face if you can. And, encourage your family to do the same.

Take care of your toothbrush

Viruses can spread from one toothbrush to another if they touch. So make sure your family’s toothbrushes are in a holder that keeps them apart. If you catch a cold or flu, remember to replace your toothbrush once you’re feeling back to normal.  

Drink enough water

We all know that we’re encouraged to drink eight glasses of water per day to stay healthy. Same applies during the cold and flu season. Water helps to breakdown and flush out any toxins or germs out of our bodies.

Eat Fresh

Make sure your diet is packed with fresh produce this winter. Fruit and veg are loaded with vitamins and minerals which keep our immune systems healthy. Why not try making quick and easy breakfast smoothies in the morning. Use a banana, fresh orange juice, spinach and blueberries for a tasty smoothie that’s loaded with goodness. Soup is another great way to pack in the veggies. Check out these, and other other immunity boosting recipes here.


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