Aviva Smart Home - Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Aviva Smart Home

Aviva Smart Home

What is Aviva Smart Home?

Aviva Smart Home is an integrated home system that helps you fully protect and monitor your home by allowing you to manage your home security, heating and lighting remotely, from your mobile or tablet.

What’s included in the Aviva Smart Home package?

  • A monitored security alarm system
  • Smart heating controls
  • Front and back door sensors
  • 1 x break glass sensor
  • 3 x internal motion sensors
  • 2 x smart plugs
  • Smart smoke alarm

What are the key benefits of Aviva Smart Home

  • 24-hour monitored security alarm.
  • 24-hour monitored smoke alarm.
  • Real time notifications if your security alarm is triggered so you always know what’s happening in your home, with the ability to remotely arm or disarm the system.
  • Extra peace of mind with motion sensors that send an alert to your phone if movement is detected inside your home.
  • Increased home insurance discount due to having an Aviva Smart Home monitored alarm up to a 18% discount.
  • GEO Fencing sends a reminder if your Smart Home registered phone leaves your home and the property has not been armed.
  • Unique pin numbers (i.e. you can provide visitors with a unique, one-off code to access your house if you are not home).
  • Manage your heating so that your home is energy efficient. Get real insight into your energy use and automate the temperature settings in your home and schedule heating for each area of the house. With increased control over your energy use you could save on your energy bills.
  • Save money on your heating and lighting bills by remotely turning off forgotten lights and heating after you leave home.
  • Control your lights with smart plugs, so they automatically turn on when you walk in the door
  • Set schedules for your lights  to come on and off to make it look like someone is home when you’re on holiday.
  • Free BER cert.
  • Wireless installation and ‘smash and crash’ protection, meaning it still works even if an intruder destroys the control panel.
  • Not dependent on broadband so will not drop if broadband drops.

What is a monitored alarm?

Your alarm is connected 24/7 to a monitoring team who will alert you and the Gardaí if the alarm system is triggered. Patented technology ensures your system will work even if the alarm panel is disabled in any way by intruders. It is connected wirelessly, so even in the event of a power cut or internet failure, your alarm is always connected to the monitoring station.

What are zoned smart heating controls?

With Aviva Smart Home you get zoned heating controls as standard in the package. Smart heating controls allow you to separately manage both heating and hot water in different areas of your home. This allows you to save money on your energy costs by only heating the parts of your home being used, instead of the whole house.

You can control your heating from the Aviva Smart Home app on your mobile or connected device. Rules and schedules can be set on the app to automate your heating and hot water. For example, you can set your heating and hot water to automatically switch off when you switch your alarm on when leaving the house.

What are door sensors?

Door sensors detect when doors are opened, triggering your alarm in real time. They have tamper protection to prevent unauthorised removal and are completely wireless.

With the Aviva Smart Home package, you will receive one front door and one back door sensor. If you would like additional sensors for other doors in your home, these can be purchased separately.

What is a break glass sensor?

A break glass sensor detects if a pane of glass in a window or door is shattered or broken when your alarm system is set.

With the Aviva Smart Home package, you will receive one break glass sensor. If you would like additional sensors, these can be purchased separately.

What is a motion sensor?

Motion sensors detect when there are movements in your home when there shouldn’t be, triggering your alarm in real time. These also have tamper protection to prevent unauthorised removal and are completely wireless.

With the Aviva Smart Home package, you will receive three internal motion sensors. If you would like additional motion sensors for other rooms, these can be purchased separately.

What are smart plugs?

Controlled by the Aviva Smart Home app, your smart plug lets you turn on and off any appliance that plugs into a standard wall socket. Simply plug the smart plug into any wall socket and then plug your appliance into the smart plug. Smart plugs help you to be more energy efficient, saving you money. For example, you could set your smart plug to switch off a nightlight in your child’s bedroom remotely without having to enter their bedroom or you could set your phone charger to automatically switch off after 2 hours rather than leaving on overnight. Smart Plugs also offer an extra safety level for appliances such as hair straighteners.

What is a smart smoke alarm?

A smart smoke alarm sends alerts to your phone if smoke has been detected in your home and your smoke alarm has been activated. You can disarm the system remotely using your app or contact the fire brigade immediately if needs be.

Getting Aviva Smart Home

How do I get Aviva Smart Home?

Contact us on 1890 777 999 to get set up with Aviva Smart Home. Your Aviva Smart Home contract is a separate contract to your Aviva home insurance policy and is issued by our trusted partners Smartzone, the product producer.

Does Aviva Smart Home work with my existing security system?

Aviva Smart Home is an entirely separate system and cannot be integrated with an existing security system.

Does Aviva Smart Home work with my existing smart heating system?

Any existing smart heating controls you have will need to be replaced with the Aviva Smart Home heating control system.

Does Aviva Smart Home work with other smart devices?

Yes. Aviva Smart Home can integrate with Alexa, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Apple Watch, Google Home and any connected device such as your mobile phone, laptop or ipad.

What if I already have a smart thermostat and a monitored alarm?

Aviva Smart Home is a package so all products need to be taken as part of the offer.

My heating system / pipes are very old – can I still get Aviva Smart Home?

Aviva Smart Home is compatible with most heating systems. We have outlined some instances in which Aviva Smart Home heating controls are incompatible below.

What types of houses are not compatible for Aviva Smart Home heating controls?

Aviva Smart Home is unavailable to homes with solid fuel stoves, wood burning stoves, back boilers, and gun barrel pipes or electrical heating systems. It does not matter what existing security systems are in your home as these will be replaced with Aviva Smart Home systems anyway. The Aviva Smart Home systems are wireless so there is minimal disruption when they are installed.

How will Aviva Smart Home heating controls work with my existing immersion?

If you have a pre-existing immersion switch, the Smartzone installer will fit where necessary an immersion timer to work alongside it. This timer is in accordance with the SEAI code of practice for grant installations and it will also give you the ability to heat your hot water from your main gas or oil boilers.

Does the size or type of the house matter?

No, the size or type of your house does not matter regarding installation of Aviva Smart Home.

How long does the Aviva Smart Home contract last?

Your contract starts from the date of installation. The Aviva Smart Home contract is a fixed three-year contract, which will continue as a 12 month renewable contract thereafter until you choose to terminate.

How long does the Aviva home insurance contract last?

An Aviva home insurance contract is a 12-month renewable contract.

What is an SEAI grant?

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) provides grants to homeowners to encourage them to improve energy efficiency in their homes.

Aviva Smart Home is an SEAI grant-approved package. A member of our energy services partner (Smartzone) will make a grant application for you. This way you don’t have to fill out any of the paperwork yourself. The cost for the Aviva Smart Home package is the same for those who get the SEAI grant and those who don’t.

Am I eligible for the grant?

This will depend on your individual circumstances. If you are not eligible for the grant, the installation price is not any more expensive.

What if I have claimed the SEAI grant already?

If you have already claimed the SEAI grant this will not affect the cost of Aviva Smart Home.

Who produces Aviva Smart Home?

Aviva Smart Home is arranged by Aviva Direct Ireland Limited on behalf of Accuflow Distribution Limited (trading as ‘Smartzone’). Aviva Smart Home is not a financial service and is not regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. All components of the system meet the relevant European general and specific security standards (EN 50131) and the system installations meet PSA regulations. Where relevant, gas installations are RGII compliant, oil installations are OFTEC compliant and electrical works are RECI compliant.

In addition, Aviva Smart Home complies with the strict installation codes of the SEAI.

Aviva Direct Ireland Limited is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. Home insurance is underwritten by Aviva Insurance Ireland DAC.

What is a BER certificate?

This is a Building Energy Rating certificate. Under EU law all properties that are sold or rented must have a BER assessment carried out. This is a detailed assessment of the dimensions, building fabric, energy usage and energy production of a property or home. In addition, the Irish government grant funding authority – SEAI – require that a BER assessment is carried out for any installation where grant funding is being used. This assessment is provided as part of the Aviva Smart Home package, and you will then receive a free BER certificate (normally worth €250). If you are not claiming an SEAI grant for Aviva Smart Home installation, a BER certificate is not required, but will still be provided.

Cost of Aviva Smart Home

How much does Aviva Smart Home cost?

Aviva Smart Home is €29.99 a month, which you pay by direct debit over a fixed three year term. Along with  a one-off installation fee of €249 (exclusive of any extra equipment you wish to purchase as part of your agreement with Smartzone). Your monthly cost of €29.99 will continue as long as you keep Aviva Smart Home after the three year term.

Does this price include my Aviva Home insurance cost?

Your Aviva Home insurance cost is a separate payment.

Do I get a discount on my Aviva home insurance if I have Aviva Smart Home?

Yes, you will get a 18% discount because you will have a monitored alarm with Aviva Smart Home.

Do I still get the Aviva loyalty discount?

Yes. Once you are eligible for the loyalty discount, purchasing Aviva home insurance with optional Aviva Smart Home will not affect this discount.

Will Aviva take payment for both my Aviva home insurance and my Aviva Smart Home package?

No. Your Aviva Smart Home payment will be directed to Smartzone.

  • You will pay a one-off installation fee of €249 inclusive of 23% VAT to Smartzone.
  • You will then pay a monthly Aviva Smart Home fee of €29.99 by direct debit to Smartzone.
  • Your €29.99 is inclusive of VAT, 50% of which is inclusive of VAT at 23% for monitoring services and 50% is inclusive of VAT at 13.5% for maintenance services.

Are there any other costs?

There are no other costs applicable to Aviva Smart Home. Your Aviva home insurance is separate payment and subject to acceptance criteria, term and conditions.

Aviva Smart Home Installation

When will my Aviva Smart Home be installed?

Your Aviva Smart Home will be installed within 14 days of your purchase date.

What happens after I purchase Aviva Smart Home?

The Aviva Smart Home team will call you within 24 hours of your purchase to arrange a suitable time for an initial home assessment (this assessment is simply used to understand what will need to be done when installing Aviva Smart Home in your house). You will be required to provide your MPRN number on this call (this can be found on your electricity bill). After your home assessment, the team will arrange a suitable date and time for installation of the system. This will be within 14 days of purchase.

Within 3 to 5 days of purchasing your new Aviva home insurance policy and optional Aviva Smart Home you will receive your Aviva home insurance document pack in the post. This contains your:

  • Insurance policy documents
  • Statement of fact
  • Terms of business
  • Home Insurance receipt
  • Payment schedule

After Aviva Smart Home has been installed in your home you will receive your:

  • Aviva Smart Home contract
  • Payment receipt
  • Payment schedule

What’s involved in the installation of Aviva Smart Home?

Your security devices (alarm and sensors) are installed on your windows, doors, and walls. Installation is quick and clean. The only wiring required is for an electrical socket for your Smart Hub.

For your smart heating controls, installation work will be mostly focused wherever your boiler is located, and usually in the hot press. Replacement of existing heating controls may be required. Radiators will need to be checked and vented.

How long will it take to install the Aviva Smart Home devices?

On average, installation will take between half a day and a day depending on the size & structure of your home.

Who installs my Smart Home devices?

Aviva Smart Home will be installed by Smartzone and their team of trained and approved plumbers, electricians & security installers.

What if I need to cancel or change my installation date/ time?

No problem. You can make changes to your installation date or time simply by contacting Smartzone at 1890 777 999 or 091 784 999.

Controlling Your Aviva Smart Home

What happens if I don’t have a smartphone?

That’s no problem. Any connected device e.g. iPad or laptop can control the system.

If you don’t have a smartphone, you will lose the benefit of remote access and many of the real time notification benefits but your system will still function effectively.

Your system will still be fully monitored by the Aviva Smart Home monitoring station and you’ll be alerted in the event of an issue or an intrusion.

Access to your Aviva Smart Home system can be given to multiple smartphone users so you can provide access to a trusted person’s smartphone if you want.

Is the system easy to use?

The system is extremely user friendly and you do not need any technical know-how to use it. Your Smartzone installer will show you how to use your app and answer any question you have during the installation. If you have any queries outside of this, the Smartzone team are on hand to assist and answer any questions you may have on 1890 777 999.

Do I need broadband or WiFi?

You don’t need either. The main system hub can be connected to broadband via an Ethernet cable and also has a GSM SIM card installed for mobile connectivity. It also contains a back up battery. This is a security feature and eliminates the risk of power cuts or internet outages affecting the system.

What is a GSM SIM card?

A GSM SIM card is the most common type of sim card, which is compatible with the highest number of devices.

Will I need to top up the GSM SIM card?

You will not need to top up the GSM SIM card as this cost is included in the monthly Aviva Smart Home fee of €29.99.

What if I lose my phone or my phone breaks?

If your phone (or the alarm.com app) was not password protected, you should delete the login access for that phone, or you should change the password from another device.

Aviva Smart Home App

How do I control Smart Home?

You can control Aviva Smart Home from our mobile app, which an Aviva Smart Home installer will put on your mobile. The app gives you full control of your technology. It sends real time notifications of any issues or activity to your phone so you always know what’s going on in your home.

The app also allows you to set up your own system preferences. For example, you could set your heating to always come on as you enter a specified geozone (a certain distance from your home) so that your house is heated by the time you get home.

How do I download the Smart Home app?

The Aviva Smart Home installer will show you how to download the app to your devices. If there are multiple users on your system, they can download the app here on the Apple Store and Google Play.

Who can use the Smart Home app?

The master user of the system can grant system access to as many people as needed, at no extra cost. This access can be customised to give the user different levels of access/control as required.

Aftersales support

What do I do if my alarm systems break or are faulty?

You can call the customer support team provided by our partner Smartzone on 0818 222 926. Phone lines are open Monday – Sunday 8am – 9pm. Your Aviva Smart Home package is also under warranty during the three-year contract.

What happens if I am unhappy with the product/service?

The support and servicing line for Aviva Smart Home is 0818 222 926. If you are unhappy with the service you have received you can also fill out the Aviva complaints form and hit submit to electronically submit your complaint to us.

What support is available post-installation?

Support and servicing is included in the monthly fee of €29.99. Please call 0818 222 926 for customer support.

What happens after my initial three-year contract?

If you are satisfied with the system and the service you can continue to pay the monthly service and monitoring fee and all benefits and warranties will continue. If you opt not to continue with the monthly payment after the initial three-year contract, the app will no longer function and you will lose the remote features of the system. But you will still have a functioning, unmonitored system that operates within the home, as well as your heating system and controls.

Will the software be upgraded after the three years?

Software upgrades are done as necessary or as new features require.

Cancellation Policy

Is there a cooling off period for my Aviva Smart Home system?

Yes, there is a 14-day cooling off period which starts from the date your Aviva Smart Home package is installed.

Do I need to return my Smart Home equipment if I cancel?

If you cancel within the cooling off period, you will receive a full refund on your Aviva Smart Home and a technician will remove the equipment from your property.

Call us on 1890 777 999 or (091) 784 999 to discuss you own particular circumstances.

What happens If you cancel after the cooling off period?

If you cancel outside the 14-day cooling off period you will be subject to an exit fee of 75% of the total monthly payments remaining for your contract term.

Call us on 1890 777 999 or (091) 784 999 to discuss you own particular circumstances.

What do I do if I’m moving house?

If you move home within the term of your contract, you will need to cancel your Aviva home insurance and Aviva Smart Home package and this will incur a cancellation penalty.

If you wish to take out Aviva Home Insurance with Aviva Smart Home on your new house, this cancellation penalty will be waived. We will then work with you as we did when you first took out Aviva Smart Home, and assess your new house’s needs ahead of installation for which, you will need to pay a new installation fee.

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