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It’s up to everyone to take action in creating a brighter and better future, by considering the environment in all that we do.

We’ve teamed up with sustainability expert and founder of reuzi, Pat Kane who shares her top tips on how to lower your car carbon footprint whilst you’re on the road.

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Hello, my name is Pat and I'm the founder of breezy a one stop shop for eco-friendly sustainable profits. I have teamed up with Aviva to raise awareness of the environmental problems caused by single use materials while making solutions accessible and empowering people like juveniles to be a part of the change. Being eco-friendly isn't just limited to the house. environmental friendliness on the road to multiple research shows that electric cars are far better for the environment that you meet fewer greenhouse gases and air pollution than petrol or diesel cars with no tailpipe pure electric cars produced no carbon dioxide emissions. When driving these reduces air pollution conceivably in over a year just one electric car on the roads can save an average of 1.5 million grammes of co2. That's the equivalent of four return flights from London to Barcelona. If you are considering making the switch to electric, you first need to consider whether you need a full electric or hybrid car many see hybrids as the safest option. However, choosing one technology over another will depend on your lifestyle and how much driving you tend to do on a regular basis. Take a good look at your driving requirements. Then compare them to the driving ranges of the electric vehicles on the market. If you will rarely use the combustion engine of a hybrid, then consider whether you really need it. 100% Electric Vehicles offer larger batteries and longer electric driving ranges. But if you make regular long-distance trips and have a short commute the rest of the time, a hybrid may suit better. The more electric you drive, the greener your driving will be. Whilst not everyone can switch to electric there are some very easy changes one can make to drive more sustainably, switching from a standard carwash to a water less carwash and save a serious amount of water provided by Valley services across Ireland. A water less carwash focuses on using gloves and sprays to produce a beautiful shine. If a Waterless Carwash isn't available for you can make a sustainable switch by not using a hose to wash your car. The flow rate for a garden hose is between nine and 17 gallons per minute, which creates a lot of wasted water instead, use a bucket and water sparingly, so you don't use more than what you need. Often when we bring our cars to hand car washes are valid. We don't really know what chemicals our cars are coming into contact with. If you're cleaning your car at home, how about using some eco-friendly and reusable products where possible. There are even some great Irish eco-friendly brands in the market. Choose reusable cloths and brushes to clean your car instead of disposable products. Not only are these products of the same quality, so your car will still shine like new, but they will also result in creating less unnecessary waste. Think of that nontoxic bottle of all-purpose cleaner when wiping your dashboard. And remember, our goal is to end up with a squeaky-clean car and an even greener planet. One tip which often surprises people is that you can reduce fuel consumption by lightening the load in your booth. The more you store in your car, the more fuel it's likely going to use, which means your vehicle has to work harder to hold the load. Help Improve your fuel economy by removing the excess weight from your book. Remember to check your boots and your backseat and anything you don't need. Just take it out. The extra drag caused by roof rack can also find your fuel consumption. It's best to remove the roof rack when you're not using it. Driving with a window often has the same effect as a way to car so trying to see if your window opens for so long when driving to reduce the drag. To find out more simple tips that can go a long way in creating a more sustainable lifestyle. Check out the article below this video

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If you’re looking to lower your emissions further, Pat has shared some more recommendations on eco-friendly methods in the world of cars. By being more environmentally conscious, you’ll be driving in a much greener and cleaner way…

Go easy on the air conditioning and heating

As nice as it is to indulge in air conditioning on a hot day or – perhaps more likely in Ireland – heating on a chilly day, they do contribute to extra fuel consumption. That’s especially the case with A/C; under hot conditions, it can reduce a conventional vehicle's fuel economy by more than 25%1, particularly on short trips. If you must use A/C, aim for a more comfortable, moderate setting rather than anything extreme!

Get your car serviced regularly

Ensure that your car is regularly serviced, as checks on your engine oil, spark plugs, air and fuel filters, and other parts will help to keep your vehicle running at optimum performance – reducing harmful emissions in the process. Every car model will have a manufacturer’s recommended timeframe for servicing, so be sure it gets the care it needs; an annual check-up is a good rule of thumb if you’re unsure of the recommendations for your car.

Maintain a steady speed by eco-driving

By maintaining a steady speed whilst you’re on the road you’ll be reducing how often you brake which can increase fuel efficiency, reduce emissions, and most importantly improve driver safety. 

Car share where possible

Car sharing is not only better for the environment, but it’s better for your finances too, as the petrol expenses are shared between all passengers. Transport for Ireland’s Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) scheme has been set up to encourage employees to carpool, so it’s worth checking out.

Dispose of any rubbish in a clean way

It’s often too easy to let rubbish build up inside your car, so be sure to have a bag or even a small bin in your car so you can dispose of any rubbish quickly and easily. Remember to sort out any recyclables separately, as this will make your life much easier when you get home!

If you're feeling inspired, you can find more eco-friendly tips by checking out these easy ways you can reduce, reuse and recycle.

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