Tips to Survive an Unexpected Breakdown

Heading out for a long road trip means being prepared, whether that’s by loading up your favorite music, packing snacks or having a few games ready for the kids. But it also means knowing what to do in the case of a breakdown.

In the event of a breakdown, call: 1800 44 88 88

Overseas breakdown assistance: +353 1 612 102 113
Our breakdown service is open 24 hours a day

We’ve created a quick and easy, checklist for you made up of things to check before you set off and what to do in the case of an unforeseen breakdown:

Breakdown tips 1

Breakdown tips 2

By following the tips above, you can rest easy knowing that you’re prepared.

Car trouble can happen to anyone, but with Aviva car insurance, breakdown rescue cover comes as standard. You can learn more about the benefits as standard here.


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