Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Safety

So you have your home all decked out in Halloween decorations and the kids are fit to burst with excitement. Halloween is meant to be spooktacular, but this doesn’t mean it has to be dangerous too.

We’ve created a simple check list of some things you should consider to make sure your family and home are safe for the celebrations:

Your Home
  • Keep your garden and any walkway clear of debris and trip hazards such as flowerpots or garden gnomes. Make sure to sweep away any leaves or wet foliage from your steps or porch and use all available outdoor lighting.
  • Avoid using candles to create a spooky atmosphere, instead use LED lighting around your home. LED lights can also been used outdoors, around your front door, porch or fence to add extra light.
  • Tip: Remember that hanging up lighting decorations by nailing, stapling or fastening could damage the wiring inside. Make sure to read the instructions and attach to surfaces as advised.

  • If you’re using decorations or lighting from last year, double check all plugs and wires are in safe, working condition and are suitable for use.
  • Keep your pets inside and away from excited trick or treaters as they may be frightened by all the commotion. Perhaps put them in a quiet room furthest from the hall and doorbell ringing.
  • When buying sweets at Halloween, try to choose treats that don’t present a choking hazard or contain peanuts. Sweets that have not been made in a factory that handles nuts are best, to keep little trick or treaters with nut allergies safe.
  • Tip: Never leave sweets on your porch for trick or treaters. It is not safe to leave sweets unattended, just in case.

  • Where possible, don’t leave your car out on the street - park in a garage if you have one.
  •  Lastly, but very importantly, be aware of who you’re opening your door to; ghosts and ghouls are fine but there is always the risk of intruders, so be careful.
Your trick or treaters
  • Choose flame retardant costumes for your kids, and those of a suitable length, to avoid the chance of tripping.
  • Avoid masks that will affect the child’s field of vision.
  • If your child’s costume is dark, stick some reflective tape on it and have them carry glow sticks to increase their visibility for those driving around.

Opening your home to strangers can potentially pose a safety risk, so make sure you have suitable home and contents cover with Aviva, just in case. See here for more information.


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