First-time buyer - Episode four

Three things to know about yourself

In episode one of our first-time buyer series, we met Shannon from Dublin who recently bought a house with her boyfriend Dan. They found their new place in Dun Laoghaire, in the same town where they had their first date seven years ago! Their home needed a lot of work, so the pair decided to do a complete renovation. Shannon sat down with us to share three things to know before you start your home renovation.

Episode two showed us Shannon’s three tips for when you’re knee-deep in construction.

Our third episode saw Shannon giving her three tips for when you come across the unexpected during your renovation.

In our final episode, we hear Shannon’s top three things to know about yourself before you begin your first-time buyer journey.

Watch episode four of Shannon’s story.

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Tip one - Your relationship will be tested, but also strengthened

Shannon and Dan had very different tastes when it came to decorating their home. Dan prefers subtlety, whereas Shannon’s style is more eclectic. Although they both had their own preferences, they learned to compromise with each other and find a taste which was uniquely theirs. In their bathroom they played it safe with white and grey but added in a more exotic feel with strong Moroccan tiles and some quirky prints to make it their own.

Shannon and Dan were able to bring both styles together to create the perfect mix for their home. Using neutral colour palettes is the perfect way to off-set stronger patterns or shades. If you’re looking to add some life to your home, consider decorating with white first to provide a clean and fresh background for your statement decoration.

Tip two - You’ll change your mind, but trust your instinct

Shannon advises to always trust your gut. She and Dan found it hard to visualise how everything would look in their home from paint colours to bathroom tiles, but they relied on their instinct and were thrilled with how it turned out.

Deciding on your paint colour and finish is never an easy decision when decorating your home. Once you’ve picked out your colours, make sure you properly prepare both yourself and your walls before you begin – check out our painting 101.

Tip three - Don’t panic

There were moments where Shannon wished she’d chosen to buy a house that was ready to move into – but patience pays off! Every time she and Dan overcame another obstacle in their home renovation journey, they felt a great sense of accomplishment. At the end of the process, they knew that all the hard work was worth it. They moved in with a wealth of memories that had already been made in their home and ready to make many more!

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