COVID-19 Travel Insurance FAQs

For Policies and Trips purchased before 18/03/2020

If you have purchased your policy and booked your trip prior to 18/03/2020 please read our frequently asked questions below as they may provide you with the information regarding coverage. You may be eligible for a refund from your travel provider. We advise you to check with them first before making a claim as we may require proof of this.


Please note that this policy does NOT cover cancellation due to current or future advice of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) or regulations of any country banning or restricting travel for policies purchased and/or trips booked after 18/03/2020.

If the Department of Foreign Affairs has advised against travel to a specific location because of a COVID--19 outbreak, will my travel insurance policy cover a cancellation claim where I had a holiday booked prior to this advice?

My flight isn’t cancelled, but I no longer want to travel due to COVID-19. Can I get a refund?

If my flight is cancelled by my travel provider due to the Department of Foreign Affairs advice, can I be refunded for pre-booked accommodation?

If I fall ill with COVID--19 while on holiday, does my travel insurance cover the cost of medical expenses?

If I am on holiday and the Department of Foreign Affairs advises against ‘non-essential travel’ or issues a ‘do not travel’ advisory notice and there is an outbreak of COVID--19 at my holiday destination, will my travel insurance policy cover the travel costs incurred regarding arrangements to end my holiday early and return home?

Will my travel insurance cover any additional Travel and Accommodation costs incurred in the situation where I must go into quarantine abroad?

If I suffer a loss of earnings and or additional costs (such as food, personal hygiene products, etc.) due to being in quarantine abroad because of the COVID--19 virus, will my travel insurance cover any such costs?

What are my entitlements if the airline cancels my flight?

What are my rights if my flight is cancelled?

How do I arrange a re-routing or refund?

Am I entitled to care and assistance?

Am I entitled to compensation?

How do I claim compensation?

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