Car Insurance Comparison Table



Third Party, Fire & Theft

Loss of or damage to the car by: accidental means Tick Cross
Loss of or damage to the car by: fire, theft and attempted theft Tick Tick
Injury to someone else Tick Tick
Damage to someone else's property Tick Tick
Breakdown rescue cover Tick Tick
Replacement lock cover Tick Tick
Towing charges Tick Tick
Third Party cover to drive other cars* Tick Tick
New car replacement** Tick Tick
Fire brigade charges (Up to €1000) Tick Tick
Windscreen cover Tick Optional Cover
Step-Back NCD Optional Cover Optional Cover
Protected NCD with Step-Back Optional Cover Optional Cover
Protected NCD - theft claims Tick Tick
Personal Accident Benefit (JW) Optional Extra Optional Extra
Personal belongings cover (Up to €150)** Tick Tick
Radio/audio equipment up to €650 or 5% of vehicle value, whichever is less** Tick Tick
Standard accidental damage excess €300 Cross
Fire and Theft excess Cross Cross
Legal expenses Tick Tick


*This cover only applies to policyholders (proposer) who hold a full EU driving licence. Certain occupational restrictions apply.

**For fire and theft damage only in relation to Third Party Fire & Theft policies.

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