Best Doctors

Best Doctors

Second opinions really matter, especially when it comes to your family’s health

If you or a family member becomes ill, it is only natural that you will want the best medical advice available about the condition. This can be a highly emotional time and you will have many questions about the diagnosis, treatment options and what happens next.

At Aviva, we understand the value in getting all the help, answers and support you can, and that’s where our Best Doctors® Second Medical Opinion service steps in.

This is an exclusive service available to our protection customers (Mortgage Protection, Life Insurance, Specified Illness cover and Income Protection) from the first day of cover, at no extra cost.

Read on to find out more about the various protection options available to you and your family.

Mortgage Protection

Mortgage Protection ensures that the outstanding balance of your mortgage will be paid off, in the event you become seriously ill or die during the term of your mortgage - giving you and your family peace of mind. 

You can get a quote for mortgage protection here or learn more about it with our simple ‘Mortgage Protection 101’ guide here.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance pays out a fixed, tax-free sum, in the event of terminal illness or death. It’s a way to help give your family a financial safety net, should the worst happen.

You can learn more about life insurance and get a quote here.

Specified Illness Cover

Specified Illness Cover will provide a lump sum payment, if you are diagnosed with a specified medical condition. Aviva covers you in the event of diagnosis of one of 66 illnesses.

You can learn more about Specified Illness Cover here.

Income Protection

Just think, for a minute of life without an income. In a nutshell, your income is essential to your quality of life. Income Protection is a special type of insurance that will pay you a monthly sum in the event you become ill or suffer an injury.

You can learn more about Aviva Income Protection here.

These are just some of the types of life insurance that could provide you and your family with peace of mind if the worst were to happen. Remember you’re not on your own: a financial broker can help you decide on the best options for you and your family based on your personal circumstances. Don’t have a financial broker? Find one near you by using our geo-locator. 

What is Best Doctors Second Medical Opinion Service?

Best Doctors is a worldwide network of over 50,000 leading medical experts who can provide answers, should you be diagnosed with a serious illness. Exclusively available to Aviva Protection customers, it provides access to leading medical minds from around the world.

At Aviva, we know that when you’re faced with serious medical problem, you will have lots of questions. With Best Doctors, you will receive a second opinion so you can feel assured and fully informed about your condition and what it means for your life. This way, you can make confident decisions about your treatment. 

Who can access it?

Any Aviva Protection customer is eligible for this benefit, at no extra cost. For added peace of mind, you, your partner, your children and your parents are also eligible.

How does it work?

Everything starts with a phone call. Firstly, you explain your case in complete confidence to a member of the Best Doctors medical team. From here, you are appointed a personal  Case Manager and they will collect all of your records. The medical team then matches your case to the most suitable medical expert from a database of over 50,000 specialists worldwide. This chosen expert reviews your case in detail before issuing a report with diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

The process can provide confirmation of your diagnosis or it can reduce potentially serious complications that may arise from a misdiagnosis. Ultimately, it can help you and your treating doctor to choose the best course of action for your condition.

And the Best Doctors service isn’t just for life-threatening illnesses: it is accessible for many chronic or debilitating ailments that affect your quality of life. Best Doctors could truly be the extra help you need, proving invaluable to your health and peace of mind. 

The numbers

  • Amongst Irish Best Doctors customers, 33% of treatment plans are changed with Best Doctors and 17% of diagnoses are changed
  • 34% of Irish people use Best Doctors for a confirmation of a diagnosis
  • 20% of Irish people use the service because their symptoms are not improving
  • 16% come to Best Doctors because they do not understand their diagnosis  
  • 53,000 is the number of top physicians globally, from across 450 specialities, that Best Doctors gives you access to 

(Source: Best Doctors, based on usage of the service in Ireland in 2016).

Life is complex and unpredictable. At Aviva, we help people save for the future and manage the risks of everyday life.

To find out about the other important aspects of your life you can protect with Aviva, visit here.

Best Doctors and the star-in-cross logo are trademarks of Best Doctors, Inc., in the United States and in other countries. Used with permission. Best Doctors Second Medical Opinion is not a regulated service.

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