Food for Picky Eaters: 7 Ways to get veg into your kid's diet

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We’ve all had those battles at home with the kids about eating their vegetables. So, we’ve spoken to the experts at Everymum about some clever ways to incorporate vegetables into your child’s diet.

Every child is unique, so different tips will work well for different kids, but not to worry – you’ll find the best one for yours and hopefully keep the age-old veggie tantrums out of your home!

Set an example for the Picky Eaters

Children learn by watching and imitating, so if they grow up with vegetables as a common sight in the home and see their family eating vegetables, they may not develop an aversion to them.

Little by little

If you want to get more colours into your child’s diet be sure to make the change a gradual one. Ease them in with a small portion of veggies and increase gradually. If you have a baby, introduce them to a variety of vegetables as soon as they start on solids. This way they’ll know no different!

Mix it up

If your child gets easily bored of the same food you can change the appearance, taste and texture of vegetables to add variety and avoid dishing up the ‘same’ vegetables constantly. Add spices and pepper, mash things together, and vary the cooking method.

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Dress them up

If you have a younger child, try decorating the vegetables you make for them. For example, if you’re making steamed carrots and broccoli, then you’ve got a colourful tree! The contrast in vibrant colours will be appealing to your child, along with the unique shapes you create.

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Decisions, decisions

Give your child the choice of how much of a particular veggie they want – it’s actually better than just sneaking veggies into meals. Before you plate up ask them ‘would you like four pieces of broccoli or three?’ They’ll likely choose the lower option, but they’ll feel like they have a choice in what they’re given and feel awfully grown up!

Little helper

Get the kids involved with food shopping as much as possible. Bring them to the supermarket with you and have them pick out what vegetables the family should eat. Then have them help you out in the kitchen with prep to get them more involved.

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Snack attack

Make sure the snacks your child has between meals are small and light. Having a good appetite at meal times will increase the likelihood of them consuming the vegetables on the plate.

Blend away

Smoothies are a quick and easy way to give your kids some of their five a day. You can also blend a variety of vegetables to make some delicious soups such as Potato and Leek, Mushroom or the traditional Vegetable.

Don’t give up

Children might need to be exposed to a food between eight and ten times before they actually develop a taste for it. So, if your picky eaters refuse a certain vegetable at first, wait a little while and try again.

With your kids getting big and strong thanks to their veggies, let us keep your home strong and protected! Read more about Aviva home insurance, or call us on 1800 332 211.

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