Lessons from lockdown

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Life in Lockdown brought a lot of changes to our lives – from adapting to working from home, to relying on the car for essential journeys. To discover what lessons we’ve learned, and what’s here to stay, we caught up with four people ready to reflect on the pandemic period.

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00:00:00 Music playing in background

00:00:00 On screen: Lessons from lockdown

00:00:03 Question on screen: Has lockdown changed how you perceive your home?

00:00:05 Woman A

The house has definitely become much more of a sanctuary.

00:00:07 Man A

Bedrooms became work areas.

00:00:09 Woman B

Everything we do now is centred in our home.

00:00:12 Man B

You kind of see all the things that you hadn’t time to look after.

00:00:16 Question on screen: What changes have you made to your home since the pandemic?

00:00:18 Man A

The changes we made was to start using the garden more.

00:00:21 Woman A

Created a reading corner recently, we’ve hung more art on the wall.

00:00:25 Man B

Just fix things that needed fixing.

00:00:28 Woman B

I bought a diffuser and some essential oils and trying to create different atmospheres maybe at different times of the day as well.

00:00:35 Question on screen: What has the past year taught you about your home?

00:00:38 Woman B

Definitely taught me to appreciate the home space that I have.

00:00:42 Man A

Suppose just how lucky we really are to have a home and have a house.

00:00:45 Woman A

The past year has taught us to be a lot more present within our home.

00:00:49 Man B

Appreciate the home a lot more and enjoy the home as well. Ok, it is nice to get out, but it’s nice to be at home as well.

00:00:57 Question on screen: Has lockdown changed how you value your car?

00:00:59 Woman B

Yes, lockdown has changed how I see and value the car, and it has been a safe space to travel.

00:01:06 Man A

We’re tending now to give way to other people and to be more patient.

00:01:11 Woman B

The fact that we can get out when we want to is definitely big for us.

00:01:15 Man B

It has made me more appreciative of the car that I have.

00:01:19 Question on screen: Has the past year had a positive impact on your driving habits?

00:01:21 Woman B

I’m a lot more present and less rushed when I’m driving.

00:01:25 Man A

I perceive other people as more pleasant drivers as well and it’s like a virtuous circle where everyone’s being nice to each other.

00:01:32 Man B

Made me much more conscious of safe driving.

00:01:35 Woman A

I’m definitely a lot more aware of other cars, other drivers, pedestrians.

00:01:40 Question on screen: What has the past year taught you when it comes to the car?

00:01:43 Woman B

Plan our journeys more and be more efficient about the time we’re out.

00:01:47 Man A

I suppose the past year has taught me to make use of the car.

00:01:52 Woman A

We have our hand sanitiser in the car now. We have our wipes to wipe down if we’ve been to the shops.

00:01:58 Man B

Yeah, I think more strongly about what I need to do when I’m in town and if I need other essentials then I’ll get all the essentials on that day.

00:02:05 Question on screen: Where will you go on your first road trip of 2021?

00:02:08 Woman B

I’d love to pack up the camper van and I’d love to head off and maybe go along the Wild Atlantic Way.

00:02:13 Man A

It’s interesting, I don’t know if it qualifies as a road trip, it’s not really a holiday. It’s just that we’ve had the Wicklow Mountains on our doorstep for so long.

00:02:19 Woman A

Summer home in Ballymoney is where we’re all going to road trip down to. So that’s something to look forward to.

00:02:24 Man B

I’ve already decided where my first road trip will be and it will be to Dingle in County Kerry. I love Dingle and I can’t wait to go.

00:02:32 Question on screen: What have you learnt from the pandemic?

00:02:34 Woman A

I think what I’ve learnt the most in the last year is to be present.

00:02:39 Man A

Really appreciate the friends, family connections and relationships you have.

00:02:44 Woman B

I’m a lot more tactile than I thought I was and that I miss being able to give my dad a hug.

00:02:51 Man B

I think I’ve learnt to treat people well and try and look after each other and enjoy some time off as well because life is short.

00:03:05 Video ends

Lockdown Home Upgrades

Our homes have become the centre of the universe during lockdown – and in making small, positive changes, we’ve all learned how to appreciate and enjoy them that little bit more

Defining spaces

Living in lockdown, our homes have had to take on many roles, from the classroom to the gym. In the process, many have embraced utilising every last bit of available space. Whether it’s a reading fort for the kids or a nice workspace for your new hobby, making the most of what you’ve got has reached a whole new level of importance.

Relaxed living

Homes have also acted as a sanctuary; a safe haven to relax, away from the outside world. With more time spent indoors, we’ve grown and nurtured house plants, made a conscious effort to hang art on the walls, and even used diffusers and essential oils to create a calm space in the home.

As we try to become more present in the home, there has been greater emphasis on mental wellbeing. Practicing mindfulness allows you to become present and helps reduce stress; a great way to start is with these simple five-minute mindfulness exercises.

GIY - Grow It Yourself

Many of us have looked outside our four walls and explored what’s possible in outdoor spaces. That’s brought about the realisation that you don’t need much space to manage something exciting; you can even grow veggies in containers on your balcony! If you’re interested in getting your fingers a little greener, now is the perfect time – and we’ve got some of the basic tips and steps you need to get started.

Lockdown DIY Projects

Increased time at home means there’s no excuses for the jobs you’d put on the long finger. Now is the time to roll up the sleeves and give the house that new lick of paint, declutter that cupboard, finally put that flatpack together, or hang up that shelf! DIY projects can not only revitalise a space, but can also be incredibly satisfying to complete, but it’s important to do it safely. Be prepared before you start, and equip yourself with these common home DIY mistakes and how to avoid them.

New found appreciation for our Cars

During lockdown, we gained a greater appreciation for our cars; a safe space in which to travel, granting the freedom to get around at a time when even a quick supermarket run became a vital part of the week.

Sharing the road

With safety at the forefront of everyone’s minds, the knock-on effects can be seen on our roads. We’ve become more mindful of others on the road and have become more patient when sharing our roads.

Spic and span

With this newfound appreciation of our vehicles, many car owners have started to take more pride in their cars, while efforts to keep safe have brought some new habits, too. From hand sanitiser to wiping down surfaces, we’ve never been more aware of the cleanliness of our interiors. That’s why we’ve put together our top tips and tricks to keep your car sparkling inside and out – and you should be able to find everything you need in your own home!

Hitting the road

There’s every chance you’ve spent more than a few moments over the past year looking longingly at your car, waiting for the day when you can pack it up and hit the open road again. If you’re planning your next road trip once restrictions allow, check out our list of the most scenic routes in Ireland for inspiration.

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