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We all love spending time with our kids. We can’t wait to see them come home from school and tell us all about their day. But just as you’ve got back into a routine after the Christmas holidays, it’s already the mid-term break, and you have no plans.

But there’s no need to panic, we have some top tips on how to survive, however long your children get off this term:

1. Get outside early, at least once a day

By getting out and about first thing, you feel like you’ve accomplished something, and everyone will be in a better mood. Plus, you don’t risk having to wait as one family member at a time gets distracted doing something else just as everyone else is ready. Let them have a good run around for as long as possible, then hand out snacks as soon as they start to tire. Once you stagger home, everyone will have used up some of their energy, and be more likely to settle for a nap, play a board game or watch a movie. That’s your guaranteed hour or two of time to rest or catch up on work.

2. Book online

You may only get around to it just before you leave the house but booking any activities/excursions online often saves money and helps you to avoid the dreaded Mid-Term queues.

3. Wherever possible, get back-up

Have grandparents or relatives that would love a visit? School-gate allies you can arrange dates with, or who would like to join you on all your exciting outings? Do it. Even if you don’t get any time to yourself, joining forces can give your children someone to play with, and you someone to chat to. Even better, find your most organised fellow-parent and join the outings they’ve planned!

4. Always be prepared for a picnic

Picnics solve all sorts of problems – when out and about it can help you avoid tantrums, going for a drive becomes an ‘outing’ with a car picnic, and if you’re staying at home, having a picnic on the floor can turn a basic meal into something far more exciting, invite the teddy bears! Preparing in advance means that you might be able to leave the house at the time you planned, as you’ll have more time to rally the troops.

5. Need a rest, but have to play?

Suggest a game of Doctors and Nurses. A medical bag can quickly be put together with cheap bandage/loo roll, a small tube of moisturiser for ‘ointment’, and an old scarf to use as a sling. Volunteering to be the patient is a great opportunity for lying down!

6. Make the most of your local library.

The library offers the activity of visiting and choosing things to borrow such as books, CDs or DVDs to enjoy at home; and many have free events you can take part in too such as puppet shows and story groups. Get your little ones their own library card, to make them feel even more involved.

7. Do the opposite of everyone else

Want to avoid crowds? Get out your wellies and visit the zoo or the beach while it’s raining or go to the soft-play centre and the museums when it’s sunny. No one will expect it!

8. Embrace the chaos.

Mid-Term breaks are probably where the phrase ‘expect the unexpected’ originally came from! Yes, the entire kitchen will get covered in flour while you’re baking, you’ll forget the teaspoons and have to stir your picnic flask of coffee with a banana skin, and you’ll only find out on the last night that actually the children did have homework to do. But we guarantee that these are the moments you’ll remember for years to come, so enjoy them!

Your home might not be looking its best after the Mid-Term break chaos, but it still deserves to be looked after, so make sure you’re covered with Aviva home insurance, learn more about the benefits it offers here.

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