9 Ways to Keep the Kids Occupied Around the Home

Kids in the home

This summer, you don’t have to travel miles to entertain the kids. When it comes to fun there’s really no place like home. Here are a few ideas to keep the youngsters and teens occupied over the summer holidays…

1. GO CAMPING: Who needs a campsite when you have your very own back garden in which to pitch a tent? Children love the adventure of sleeping outdoors. Pop-up tents are cheap and simple to set up. You can put a duvet inside and then place sleeping bags on top to make a comfortable bed. Make sure to bring a torch and some supplies to keep the hunger
pangs at bay. A gas stove to cook breakfast on will add to the sense of adventure.

2. GET COOKING: Speaking of stoves, this is a great time of year to start some simple cooking lessons. Something like banana bread is easy to make and will boost your child’s confidence when it comes to their kitchen skills. Better still, get them to help with the shopping list and then buy what’s needed in the local shop – that’s more time keeping them occupied and you get your own shopping done in the process.

3. COLLECT WILD FLOWERS: Kids love gathering things so let them find some wildflowers (more than likely weeds, but the children won’t care) to display in a vase inside the house. The flower heads can also be pressed in books before being used as card decorations (another little task to keep the youngsters occupied).

4. ORGANISE A SCAVENGER HUNT: List items that are visible in your neighbourhood and write them on cards. Then take your children on a walk and see who can find them first. This is great for improving your child’s reading skills. If the weather is lousy (this is Ireland after all), why not have a treasure hunt indoors. Hide some items in various rooms and then write clues that your children can use to find them.

5. GAME ON! Have your teen invite some pals over for a computer game tournament. Pick three games and give them ten minutes each to play. The one who gets through the most
levels in the games overall is the winner. Accompany this with some simple treats, like snacks or cocktail sausages, for them to nibble on while they wait their turn.

6. PAINT A PICTURE: Bring some paint materials and some paper or cardboard with you to a local landmark for you and the kids to paint a picture. You can do this over several days, if the weather turns, or if the kids want to add extra details to their work of art. When it’s finished they can make cardboard frames to show off their painting.

7. MAP OUT YOUR HOME: Another goody for bad weather days is to get your children to draw a map of the rooms in your home. You could even help them to do it – pointing out the various compass points as well as things like key and scale.

8. ORGANISE A MOVIE SCREENING: This is a good one for older children. Let them invite a few pals over to watch a DVD (or even two – you can let them have a break for 15 minutes to have a kick-about in the garden with a ball). Turn down the lights, pass around the popcorn and leave them to it.

9. GET ON YER BIKES: Take them on a cycling excursion and make sure to finish up with a treat – maybe an ice cream or a visit to the local sweet shop. Then it’s back on the bikes and off home.

So, next time you hear the words I’m bored! You know just what to do…

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