Women's Car Insurance

At Aviva we offer excellent car insurance with benefits tailored for you. We believe in treating women and men equally when it comes to car insurance, we reward safe drivers regardless of their gender, which means that we can provide affordable cover for you, your car and your possessions. Get a quote now.

Our Discounts

Whether you’re looking for a ‘Comprehensive’ or ‘Third Party, Fire & Theft’ policy, we offer you 10% discount for each claims-free year up to a maximum of 50%

We offer additional discounts.

  • A 10% discount for buying online (subject to a minimum premium of €280). 

Our Driver Discounts page lists even more ways to qualify for discounts. Alternatively you can download our MotorCare Policy Booklet for the full details.

Our Benefits

Our policies have all the benefits that you would expect, including:

Personal Belongings Cover

We will pay up to €150 for any one event of damage to or loss of personal belongings in your car caused by fire, accident or theft. Making a claim under this cover will not affect your no-claims discount.

24-Hour Roadside & Driveway Assistance

If you have a breakdown, all you need to do is call our helpline number at 1800 44 88 88 (this call is free in the Republic of Ireland) or calling from Northern Ireland, England, Scotland or Wales at 01 612 102 113.  Wherever you might be, we will provide you with roadside assistance.  If you have an accident and should you need it we can also provide towing cover.

Courtesy Car

Your car may be in for repairs, but that shouldn’t mean you can’t go anywhere. We will provide you with a courtesy car for up to 7 days when yours is being repaired by Aviva Motor Services in the event of loss or damage caused resulting in a claim under your policy.

Unlimited Windscreen Cover

If the glass in your car windscreen or any other car window - not including the sunroof - gets damaged or broken, we will pay for the repairs as long as your used our aligned windscreen repairers. Phone 1890 666 888 for our current list of aligned windscreen repairers. If you use any other windscreen repairer a policy limit of €225 applies. This cover is standard on all Comprehensive car insurance policies.  If the cover on your policy is Third Party, Fire and Theft then you will have to pay an extra premium for this cover.

Of course we have many other great benefits. To find out more, go to our Benefits page or download our Motor Care Policy Booklet .

Our Optional Extras

At Aviva, you can protect your no-claims bonus with our optional extras.

Optional No-Claim Discount Step-Back

If you choose to pay for our ‘Optional No-Claim Discount Step-Back’ option, making a claim no longer means losing your entire no-claims bonus. If you had 50% no-claims discount built up, you will instead step back to 20%. If you had 40%, you will now have 10%.

Protected No-Claims Discount

Our ‘Protected No-Claims Discount’ lets you make up to two claims in a three-year period without losing your no-claim discount.

For a complete overview of our optional extras you can visit our Optional Cover page or download our Motor Care Policy Booklet.

All discounts applied subject to minimum premium of €280.

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Acceptance criteria, terms and conditions apply. All car insurance policy features listed above are available to male as well as female drivers.

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