A day in Galway

In part two of our Irish city guide, we explore Galway, the perfect spot for a mid-week break or summer staycation.

With its arty, bohemian ways on full display, Galway is quite easy to fall in love with. Known as the city of festivals, there’s a good chance that something exciting will be happening while you’re visiting. Here are a few other things you can do while in town…

Galway Latin Quarter

The Latin Quarter

The Latin Quarter makes up the heart of Galway’s city centre, with colourful pubs, restaurants, live music and so many cobblestone alleyways to discover; you can easily spend hours wandering. A hive of activity, these streets are a hub of talent with many independent bookstores, design shops and antique sellers waiting to tempt you. The renowned Long Walk and the Spanish Arch are just a stone’s throw away, so be sure to check those out while you’re in the area.


The Pie Maker

This tiny shop, located on a side street in the Latin Quarter, is easy to overlook. However, with the amazing handmade piecrust and delicious fillings, you don’t want to miss these pies. The shop features a range of traditionally made pies which can be eaten, for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even dessert. While there aren’t many tables, if you happen to score one, prepare to be enchanted with the restaurant’s unique décor and charming ambiance.

Galway atlantaquaria

Galway Atlantaquaria

Ireland’s largest aquarium with two floors of exhibits, is a great activity for families that provides exceptional educational value for your admission fee. There are plenty of fun and interactive experiences with multiple feeding times throughout the day and the chance to hold starfish or giant spider crabs in a Touch Pool. Make sure to lookout for the new ‘penguinarium’, which is sure to be a firm favourite with children.

Galway Coral Beach  

Coral Beach, Carraroe

About an hour’s drive from Galway city, this beach in Carraroe, West Galway is made up entirely of coral fragments. This is quite a rare natural occurrence and the beach’s wealth of tidal pools, make it perfect for exploring. The beach is quiet in comparison to some of the other tourist hotspots, so that means you might be lucky and even have the whole place to yourself!


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