Beating blue Monday

Blue Monday

Did you know Monday 15th is officially known as ‘Blue Monday’? It’s said to be the day of the year, where we are all inclined to feel a little bit down in the dumps. It’s the perfect storm of post-Christmas blues, cold dark nights and unfortunately, the day we’re all most likely to give up our New Year’s resolutions!

But don’t feel glum, we have plenty of tips to help you beat the January blues, and give you that little extra boost of Monday motivation to help you keep your goals through 2018:

Get organised

Worried about household budgeting, your work to-do list or any tasks you have set yourself to get January off to the right start? Putting it down on paper can really help calm your mind, especially before bedtime. It gives you a better idea of what needs to be done, and how best to do it. It doesn’t matter if you use a scrap of paper, your smart phone, or a new 2018 diary.

Remember, putting things off only increases the stress of it all, as you usually spend a lot of time thinking about it!

Embrace hibernation

Once you’ve done what you needed to do today, stop. You can use the chilly, darker evenings as the perfect excuse to relax and unwind - catch up on sleep, have a proper family meal together or storytime with the kids. Enjoy your time winding down after a hard day’s work. If you find it difficult to de-stress, try some of these tips.

Look ahead

The New Year brings with it lots of new possibility. Think about all the things you have to look forward to this year, whether this includes a weekly or monthly date night, a catch up with friends,  a family occasion, or holidays. They’ll come around faster than you think. 

Be nice to yourself

Part of the challenge of Blue Monday, it’s said is the guilt following failed resolutions. But remember that whatever you have chosen as your goal for 2018 is for you only. Celebrate the small victories, there are always bumps in the road and remember tomorrow is another day, you can try again.

Spring clean

Things always seem a little more stressful when you’re surrounded by mess, and the weeks following Christmas can be particular offenders. Put those decorations and lights back wherever they’re stored during the year, recruit the help of all family members to do different tasks, and start settling your house properly into 2018. You’ll be amazed at the difference it can make, and how quickly you will see the impact if everyone joins in.

Look after yourself

We all know the old saying: ‘You are what you eat’ so remember that however comforting the thoughts of processed food can be, you’ll have more energy if you focus on eating a regular balanced diet, why not try some of our immunity boosting recipes?  Cutting out excess caffeine and sugar can also improve your sleep, and stabilise your mood.

Hopefully today doesn’t seem too blue anymore – now that you’re feeling a little more motivated to conquer the world - why not get your health insurance sorted too? To learn more about Aviva health insurance you can click here.

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