Make space in the playroom


You may be on a roll with your home improvement goals for the year, but in January, all the Christmas bounty of toys, books, and games thanks to Santa, Grandparents, Godparents and friends may feel like your kids have enough items to fill a toy store. Don’t panic, we can keep you on track with improving your home and putting order on the space in the playroom! Our home expert Ayshea Ryan, from A Place For Space, explains how to best tackle this busy room.


Divide and conquer

Just as it is frustrating for adults when we can’t quickly locate a matching sock, or find where we left our watch, it is aggravating for kids when they can’t find a section of a jigsaw or some pieces of a particular LEGO set. To encourage happy playtime, divide your children’s toys into categories and store them in separate containers or bags for ease of play. Show your children how much easier it is for them to find their toys when they are tidied up and kept together, and they may begin to do it themselves.


Colour me happy

Pick different colour boxes for different types of toys, or stick different colour labels on each box. This creates a more enjoyable method of arranging toys for your kids.


A box for the best

Allocate a bag or box for each of your kids to keep their favourite and most used toys. Every week take interest and ask them what toys are in the ‘favourite’ box this week. This will instil in them a sense of organising their toys without doing it in a purely instructional or demanding way.


Let it go

Unfortunately it’s impossible to improve the playroom in your home without getting rid of some older, damaged or less-used toys. When your children are very young you have the advantage of giving their toys to charity without them noticing.

For older kids, you may need to explain to them the importance of giving away toys they don’t play with anymore to children who aren’t as lucky as they are and would love to have the toys. Sometimes it’s useful to create a feeling of a ‘grown up’ understanding between you and your child, giving them the important responsibility of deciding what toys they don’t want anymore, every few months or so.


Play stations

It can be easier for kids to tidy away their toys, when there is a designated area of the room for certain toys. A LEGO corner, a figurine corner, the books wall and so on. This way your children instantly know where something needs to go – making them less likely to lose interest in the task and just abandon the item on the floor!

With the busiest room in the house on its way to being improved and no longer playing on your mind, give us a call on 1890 33 22 11 or visit our website to really put your mind, and your home, at ease.

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