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Step apps

Christmas is a lovely time at home, with your feet up in front of the fire, eating plenty of treats and comforting food. Now, with that all behind us, a new year upon us and Operation Transformation due back on our screens this month, we’re all likely feeling the time has come to get back to our usual healthy eating and exercise habits. Setting some achievable goals can make the process feel less daunting.

Wouldn’t it be easier if you were able to measure your goals? If you knew exactly how many steps or how much walking you needed to do a day to meet your goal? That’s where step apps really can prove invaluable. All you need is a smartphone, an idea of what fitness or exercise targets you have and you’re ready to go. There are countless apps available, so we’ve tried and tested three of the best - which are available free on both iPhone and Android for you:

Now that you’ve made the decision to get started, it’s easy.



Map my Walk – great for a seasoned walker

The Map my Walk app tracks and records your movements on a map, counting your steps and calculating the total distance you travel in a day. It’s also able to help you discover new walking routes close to you (at home or abroad!), where it will recommend routes similar in length and incline to your favourites. Keeping your route interesting can really help to motivate you, especially on the chillier evenings.

This app can do more than simply track your steps - you can also input any workouts you do, such as a faster paced walk or yoga, and count your calories by keeping track of what you eat. You can use it as much or as little as you’d like. All of your data is recorded on your own personal, secure profile which you can view on their website, this can be a great way to see your progress and achieve your goal!


Moves – great for the busy bee

With the Moves app, you don’t need to log in or activate the app each morning; your steps will automatically be tracked from your pocket or bag. You can view your total number of steps, calories burned and the daily distance travelled on the app itself. If you set a step goal for yourself, the app will buzz when you meet your daily goal.

Being able to see your daily progress can really help you to push that little bit harder to hit your step/distance or calorie goal.

A word of warning though, because the app is runs all the time, it’s pretty strenuous on battery, but an afternoon charge, can help. That way, you’re ready for your lunchtime or evening walk.


Accupedo – great for a beginner

The Accupedo app, adds some icons to your phone’s home screen, making tracking your daily progress as easy as possible. Like the Moves app, it monitors your movement from your pocket or bag. A great additional feature of the app is the historical progress charts, with them, you can easily see patterns over time; do you easily hit your step goal on a Saturday when doing your weekly shop? Or perhaps need to add a lunchtime walk in on a Wednesday afternoon?

Accupedo is also very kind to battery life, and should be able to hold a charge all day, letting you stay on top of your goals throughout 2018!

Walking can be a great way to improve your health and overall wellbeing, and what better time than new year to set yourself some goals? Why not protect your health even more by making sure you have the right health insurance cover?  To learn more, click here.

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