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There are plenty reasons we all like to try some DIY at home – it’s a money-saver, it’s handy to not be restricted by the schedule of a professional, and let’s be honest…we all like being a little smug pointing out something in our home and saying, “I did that myself”.

Sometimes, DIY at home can feel like a walk in the park followed by an enormous sense of self-achievement. And other times? Let’s just say the hammer isn’t the only thing you feel like banging against the wall!

We had Tommy Bowe and Áine O’Gorman go head to head in our flatpack challenge to see if they’re as handy with a hammer as they are with a ball on the pitch! Have a look below to see who came out victorious!

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Are you assembling an flat pack? Take a look at our DIY home improvement tips that will (hopefully) stop you from making those little mistakes and tearing your hair out!

Key tips for assembling a flatpack

  1. Equip yourself with the tools they don’t supply you with; usually a hammer, a screwdriver and an allen key.
  2. Give yourself lots of floor space, allow double the measurements of your flatpack. 
  3. Cover your floor space with a clean sheet to avoid scratching or damaging the surface on your flatpack. 
  4. Identify and organise all your nails, bolts and small pieces on the floor in the order they’re in the instruction manual.
  5. Lay out all components of the furniture you’re assembling as well, in the order they’re in the instruction manual.
  6. Read the full instructions twice over and have the steps clear in your head before you begin. 
  7. The measure app on your iPhone has a handy level feature, you can find it in your compass app and check how level your furniture is when you’re assembling it.
  8. Take your time! You make mistakes when you try to rush so make sure to stay patient.

Key tips for painting walls in your home

  1. If you’ve filled any cracks or tiny holes in your walls, make sure to go over the whole room with a primer before you paint it your chosen colour. If you don’t, the filler will suck the moisture from the paint, making the colour noticeably duller and patchy in those areas.
  2. Wash your paint roller with water and some washing up liquid. Run your hands up and down the roller and pull off any loose fibres so they don’t get stuck on your walls.
  3. Use a canvas cover for the floor rather than plastic sheeting. A canvas cover fits around corners better and also soaks up paint, so you don’t end up dragging coloured footprints through your home!
  4. Sand down your skirting boards and clean them off before painting them to ensure an even finish. 
  5. Paint your skirting boards and doorframes first. It’s less of a pain if you get paint from the skirting boards onto the walls, because you’ll be painting them next anyway. Wait 24 hours for your skirting and frames to dry before you tape them off to begin painting your walls.
  6.  you tape them off to begin painting your walls. 
  7. 6. When you’ve finished painting one wall with your paintbrush, immediately roll over the whole wall with your roller to get a seamless blend of the brushed and rolled paint.

The DIY doesn’t have to stop there! Looking for more help with painting at home? We’ve got you sorted with our painting 101 tips. Decorating with all white is also a great way to open up your home, our experts have given us the low-down here.

Now that you’ve spruced up your home all by yourself, let us protect it with Aviva home insurance.

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